Spreading The Seed (Australia) - War Is Over

Israel’s Indie Folk-Pop artist Jozzef has released War Is Over, his first single from his striking debut album and is about to embark on a European tour to promote his music to new fans.

With War Is Over, Jozzef is launching himself as a solo artist, having playing the electric guitar for some of the biggest names in the music industry over the last few years. He has also been the lead vocalist and played the guitar for the alternative rock band Side, as well as producing many indie artists – experiences he credits with giving him the encouragement and enthusiasm to break out on his own with his own individual style of music.

Jozzef draws his inspiration from top contemporary artists such as Nick Drake, Beck and many others, and the music he creates runs the full range from soft caresses to vibrant intensities. His rich melodies and meaningful lyrics are wrapped up in stunningly beautiful compositions, some of which feature mesmerizing string arrangements.

“Jozzef is an artist we all need to be listening to…War Is Over, thought provoking and simply gorgeous in all it’s entirety”

War Is Over is a song about a man’s inner struggles and conflicts, and is sure to be a big hit everywhere. With the song now released and the album soon available, Jozzef is busy preparing for his tour of several European countries, including Germany, the Netherlands and more. His gigs will feature War Is Over as well as other material from the album, and perhaps songs that have yet to be released.

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